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Introducing DryEye Rescue Packs

Free Dry Eye Products for offices interested in expanding at-home treatments options.

Our Rescue Packs give doctors and staff a first hand experience with a variety of the latest dry eye products.

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$0 Cost Product Display Systems

Offices inventorying dry eye products can qualify for FREE DryEye Rescue display systems.

This special offer allows practices to get our high “patient-engaging” displays at zero upfront cost.

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Personalized Dry Eye Product Kits

Build your own, personalized dry eye kit to easily get your mild patients started with dry eye at-home care.

Kits have 3-6 products and come personalized with practice logo and instructions card.

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Eyes On Dry Eye Featured Segment

In this exhibit hall session from Eyes On Dry Eye 2022, Dr. Garlich and Dennis discuss the DryEye Rescue program and how at-home products  can help increase in-office treatments.

Article and Video interview.

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New Dry Eye Products in Stock

Visit our wholesale website to check the latest products added and in-stock from multiple brands.

Mix and match products to achieve maximum discounts. Free shipping for orders over $250.

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Dryeye Rescue™ Programs

Essential tools to expand your dry eye services

Solutions to help practices create new avenues of revenue

Create a Dry Eye environment in your practice. Dryeye Rescue™ programs can be a great opportunity to help practices:

Let your Patients know that you are a dry eye specialist

Turn your practice into the "Go To" dry eye place in your area

Dryeye Rescue provides eye care professionals with turnkey solutions to create a Dry Eye Specialty Practice.

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Partner Program

The Dryeye Rescue™ Partner Program provides eye doctors with simple turnkey solutions to help practices increase dry eye awareness.

This program is designed to help cultivate dry eye patients to take the next step in treating dry eyes.

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Provider Program

Our Dryeye Rescue™ Provider Program is designed to help eye doctors convert their practices into a full service dry eye clinic.

This turnkey service is fully personalized for each office to drive new medical patients.

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Dry Eye Products

You can now order all your favorite dry eye products from one source through our wholesale, doctor exclusive website.

We are an authorized distributor for the top brands and offer competitive wholesale prices.

Doctor Reviews

Patient Compliance with DryEye Rescue

Watch video reviews of doctors that have implemented DryEye Rescue in their practices and how it helped improve patient compliance.

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retain existing patients and maximize office visits

Partner Program

Turnkey Solutions To Help Practices Create Dry Eye Awareness

Our Dryeye Rescue™ Partner Program provides eye doctors with simple turnkey solutions to help practices sell more dry eye products and increase compliance, convenience and profitability.

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Wholesale Website

One Stop Shop For All Things Dry Eye!

No more logging into to multiple websites to order your products. Our new website allows eye doctors to conveniently order dry eye products from one source.
Helping Practices Create New Avenues Of Revenue at a time of critical need
Become the Dry Eye specialist in your area today!

Provider Program

Turn Your Practice Into A Specialized Dry Eye Clinic

Our Dryeye Rescue™ Provider Program is designed to drive more medical patients to your practice through external marketing, internal conversions and local referrals.
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