Partner Program Profit Advisor

The Impact Of Our Displays

Dryeye Rescue displays can help generate the equivalent profit of 576 vision exams in a year for the average practice.

Dryeye Rescue™ Displays

Generate the equivalent profit of 576 exams in a year!

In a typical practice seeing 16 patients a day, simply having a product display could generate the equivalent profit of 576 exams in a year!
4x Profit Utilizing Our Displays.

4x Profit

Having a product display at your office is the perfect way to generate additional revenue for your practice.

In most cases, offices in the Dryeye Rescue Partner Program generate an average of 4x more profit per day than the average office.

Partner Program Profit Advisor

Chart below shows a sample profit diagram from product sales based on practice volume.

The numbers show offices that utilize a Dryeye Rescue Display (Partner Program) have a much higher conversion rate than an average office without the display.

In addition to a higher conversion rate, practices in the Partner Program sell twice as many products than the average office.

Consumer Facts

Patients trust doctors

Doctor’s recommendations are the number one driving force for product decisions related to health care.
Consumer Facts

Patients desire convenience

Stop sending your patients without direction to fend for themselves online or major retail chains.

Getting started

Simply order one of our displays today and enjoy all the benefits of our partner program.

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Why We Created The Partner Program

Selling Products In The Office Can Be Difficult

Here is where things went wrong and how we fixed it:

The Goal

The ability to sell products in-office helps practices ensure a positive patient experience by offering convenience and compliance while creating an avenue to generate significant additional revenue.

The Problem

The most common reasons as to why practices haven’t been able to consistently offer patients the products they need are due to inventory cost, inventory management, expiring unsold products and product exposure.

The Challenge

Selling products in the office is frustrating for both manufacturers and doctors.

Doctors now refer patients to the big retail chains while manufacturers have decided to reach patients directly.

The Reality

Doctors are failing their patients by not offering quality products in their office to ensure compliance. 

Doctors are left with zero revenue for their recommendations of products.

The Solution

We have developed a streamlined system for doctors to generate needed revenue at the same time offering convenience to their patients.

Our simple, turnkey Dryeye Rescue Partner Program helps practices overcome the challenges associated with selling products in the office.

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Product Displays

Easy to implement, eye-catching displays to keep products properly placed inside the practice. Eliminate expiring products lost in a drawer.


B2B Online

One Stop Shop wholesale store for doctors to order all their products. No minimum orders! Doctors can order what they need, when they need.
shipping products

Patient Dropship

No more need for large inventory. Our robust Drop Ship system allows practices to easily ship products direct to their patients, in the click of a button.


Online Profits

When patients shop online, all orders are automatically linked to their eye doctor. Offices associated with the online purchase receive 60% of all profit.

Our Partner Program Works

Benefits of the Dryeye Rescue Partner Program

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Turnkey Solution

Our displays are perfect for practices looking to generate high volume in-office product sales.

They help get the “dry eye” conversation started and provide patients the convenience of buying products in your office instead of elsewhere.

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Doctor Locator

In addition, offices in our partner program will be given the benefit of being listed on our Doctor Locator.

This helps patients looking for specific dry eye products or finding an eye doctor in their area.

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Brand Trust

Dryeye Rescue is rapidly becoming a national brand and gaining consumer trust.

Practices associated with Dryeye Rescue benefit from the our brand’s recognition to make the conversion process easier.

increase sales

Marketing Campaigns

We have partnered with the top dry eye companies to launch marketing campaigns.

We geo-target specific areas near our partners to create awareness to people looking for dry eye products and services.


Increase Compliance

Patient compliance is compromised when they are sent to purchase from big retail chains.

By offering specific products recommended in your office; you will help ensure 100% compliance with your patients.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Instead of increasing patient volume and disrupting efficient patient flow; our solution helps maximize revenue potential while maintaining a good patient experience.

Practice growth doesn’t have to be chaotic.

3 Ways To Capture Product Sales

Three avenues to generate revenue through our partner program.

Choose all three or pick the options that works for you.


In office inventory offers the most convenient way for your patient to buy a product following an eye exam.

Patient Dropship

Dropship allows offices to maintain little to no inventory and still provide patients with convenient access to the products they need. 

retail store

Our Website

Our consumer website allows doctors to refer patients and gain revenue without inventorying products. 

Stop paying the rent for big retail chains

Giving patients the chance to buy dry eye products at your office is a unique opportunity to bring more value to each patient coming through your doors.

Let the products sell themselves!

Take the selling out of the chair and give your patients the convenience of buying it from you instead of local pharmacies.

Ready To Get Started?

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