Introducing The Capio™ System

User friendly system designed to help doctors ensure compliance and reduce need of inventory.

A new way to showcase products

Capio™ System

The Capio™ System consists of a display, Capio product label inserts (printed inserts that represent a specific product/box label) and a custom clipboard to hold the Capios.

The system is designed to be used in conjunction with our small product displays and is a proprietary product of Dryeye Rescue.

capio system

Capio Display System

Our small display is custom built to hold Capio product inserts and a great way to get the dry eye conversation started with patients.

Capio Product Inserts

Each display can hold up to 10 product labels, for a total 30 Capios Inserts. Capio product labels come in sets of 3.

Capio ClipBoard

Following exam, doctors can place recommended products on the clipboard and hand it off to staff to finish transaction.

Both the Table Top and Wall Mount Exam Room Displays have the optional upgrade of the Capio™ System

Capio™ System Benefits

stock dry eye products

Reduces Need For Inventory

The Capio™ System (combined with our dropship system) gives practices the option to carry low to zero inventory of dry eye products.

It helps practices essentially eliminate common inventory problems such as expiring products, theft and lost items.

increase sales

Increases Capture Rate

Practices currently using the system have seen significantly increase in product sales, 4x more in many cases.

For offices currently not offering dry eye products, the Capio™ System can be a perfect way to create a new revenue stream for the practice.