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Our new B2B website allows doctors to purchase all their dry eye products from one single source.
Fill out our quick application to verify your practice and start shopping right away.

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Benefits of At-Home Treatments

In this zoom call with Dennis, Dr. Damon Dierker (Eye Surgeons of Indiana) explains how products help drive in-office treatments and ensure patient compliance.

Low Cost Inventory

Buy Only The Products You Need

Mix and match to save on shipping!

Another huge benefit is that by easily displaying these products, offices usually experience an increase in sales and no longer have the problem of overstocking and letting the products expire, hidden in a drawer somewhere.

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Exclusive Distributor

Dryeye Rescue is the exclusive distributor for Nulids, Freshkote and Hydrus to eye care providers in the United States.
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Eye Lid Care

Dryeye Rescue is the exclusive distributor of NuLids by Nusight Medical.

Eye Drops

Dryeye Rescue is the exclusive distributor of Freshkote by Eyevance.


Dryeye Rescue is the exclusive distributor of Hydrus hydration packs in the U.S.

Turnkey Dry Eye Programs


Partner Program

The Dryeye Rescue™ Partner Program provides eye doctors with a simple turnkey solution to help practices sell more products in-office.

Our custom designed displays are a great way to increase compliance, convenience and profitability.

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Provider Program

Our Dryeye Rescue™ Provider Program is designed to help eye doctors convert their practices into a full service dry eye clinic.

This turnkey service is fully personalized for each office to drive new medical patients.

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